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Eating weeds and gaining grains: an adventure in eating

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The best Gluten-Free Pizza? I think we found it!

We’re almost ready to settle in for a long winter here in NE Ohio.  I finally put the garden hose away today, and my son delighted in all the ice cubes that we shook out of it first.

I’m ready to start Christmas baking.  Last year, right at the end of December, I found the perfect cookie recipe, and promptly forgot to write it down.  But I have a whole year of successful (and almost succesful) GF baking under my belt, maybe this year it won’t take all month.  In the past few weeks I have gotten ever closer to that elusive gluten-free egg-free bread, and I am unlocking the benefits of both millet and amaranth.  I intend to have lots of posts on them soon.  In fact, I intend to start blogging more regularly again, and in smaller chunks when I do.  After all, this is a Web Log- and I think I’ll start using it as such.  A place to record my successes and failures, and probably a little less on the food photography and recipes but we’ll see 😉

The stand out success for the last week was pizza.  Real, perfect, cook it on the pizza stone pizza dough.  Not this pancake batter dough that I’ve been using.  My neighbor saw it in an e-newsletter she gets and forwarded it on to me- Thanks Judy!  We’ve made it several times now (yes, in just the last week and a half) It tastes so good.  Plus, it holds together so well we were able to form it on the pizza peal, transfer it to the pizza stone and bake just like the old days.  It comes right off the pizza stone when done.  We did bake it at 500F, and it did just fine.  Remember though, it only makes one pizza.  Double or triple it. I don’t have a picture, but the next time I make it, I’ll take one of the perfect, workable, ball of dough.  For those of us who are gluten-free and egg-free, isn’t that the better picture anyway?

The other success MacGormet.  This is the best recipe software I have tried so far.  I am able to keep my hundreds of recipes more organized, and searchable by keyword or category.  I’ve made categories for my seasonal eating tendencies (Fall, Winter, and so on), for cost (low, medium, high), and for time (short <1 hour, medium 1 1/2 hours, and I suppose long, but I don’t think I have any recipes for long!).  This is a huge help for planning and budgeting.  Best of all, I can keep track of all the changes I make to the recipe along the way and reference back to the original.  My cookbooks are almost unreadable for all the scribbling I do altering the ingredients.  If you’re juggling a lot of food restrictions, and like to cook from recipes, check it out.

Happy eating!