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Eating weeds and gaining grains: an adventure in eating

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A bit of Summer pickled in a jar

We opened the first of the jars of garlic-dill beans I canned last fall.  They were great!  They were also my first canning experiment.  We were pleased to see that they seemed to have canned well.  It was so nice to eat a crisp green bean on this snowy, cold night.  We belong to a Community Supported Agriculture group, or CSA, most of the year, and these were CSA beans.  My first attempt at canning was a success!  (Which is a relief.  Two of the three subsequent attempts were not successes.  Watch for more efforts to learn to can later this fall!)

This experiment was inspired by the directions on how to can found in the Simply In Season cookbook by Cathleen Hockman-Wert and Mary Beth Lin, and their garlic dill green bean recipe. Simply in Season is one of my standard cookbooks, as are the other two books in the World Community Cookbook series.  For more information, check out:

Simply in Season was one of the first books recommended to me when I joined a CSA for the very first time.  Simply in Season helped to reorder my thinking about food and cooking to follow the seasons. The book is organized by season and has reliably delicious and easy to make recipies.  Since joining a CSA in 2006, I’ve reorganized my recipe collection by season too.  It makes cooking much more enjoyable and interesting for me.   What are your favorite cookbooks for vegetables?  What makes them so great?