Violets and Amaranth

Eating weeds and gaining grains: an adventure in eating

About Violets and Amaranth

Do you like to garden?  Love your CSA?  Can’t eat wheat?  If any of these questions interest you, come see what we’re up to.  We are a family with small, city-sized plot of land in Northeast Ohio, and big food plans.  We like to eat local, subscribe to a CSA (community supported agriculture), and love the challenge of cooking new things.  We also have a wide variety of food restrictions (allergies such as eggs and soy) and my husband, the Geographer, has recently needed to be gluten-free.  I’m writing this blog to chronicle that journey and to celebrate how diverse our food options are, despite, and because of these restrictions.  We are also passionate about making our small lot edible and native to every extent possible.  In this blog I’ll chronicle our food and gardening adventures.  We’re learning new things every week as we strive to create an edible landscape on our property, support local food efforts, and chronicle our culinary experiments that will include those landscape edibles and our exploration of alternative grains and ingredients to accommodate various food restrictions.   So far we’re having a grand time.  Want to join us?

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