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Eating weeds and gaining grains: an adventure in eating

Wild edibles from the blogosphere


This summer I have my hands full, which makes gardening and recipe creation difficult. Lately I’ve been fascinated with edible flowers. Check out this post on edible roses including the links at the end. I think rose ice cream is in my future.

On a related note I made dairy-free beet ice cream last week and shared it at my City Fresh stop. It was a hit.
I will try to edit this post soon to include the recipe. I’m blogging from a 4 inch screen at the moment

I hope your garden and/or kitchen are bringing you joy this summer.


2 thoughts on “Wild edibles from the blogosphere

  1. Actually, my tomato plants are currently blowing me out of the water here, even though one has died and two look like zombie plants. All but the dead one continue to produce tomatoes. I would have liked to find out what a Cherokee Heirloom tasted like.

    I still have no idea what causes the tomato plants leaves to get blotchy, and limbs to become pale and wither without damaging the plant trunk. I thought calcium deficiency or too much rain at first.

    • That’s great that you have tomatoes. Mine haven’t done anything this summer. It sounds like you might have a blight. If it were calcium your fruit would have end rot. “You bet your garden” will have a solution for you. I have a link to their web page in the “about” section. Enjoy those tomatoes!

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