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Eating weeds and gaining grains: an adventure in eating

Dairy-Free part 2: Better than ever

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Roses on a Fall Day


I’ve been way off the blogosphere lately. You might have noticed. We’ve been busy. Since my last post in early July we went through the growing season and I learned what to do with Ground Cherries (pie anyone?). We had a great City Fresh Season through our Community Supported Agriculture program. I successfully made compost for my yard – I grew dirt! And of course, I had a baby. She came one beautiful afternoon after a morning of working in the garden. She came fast enough to be born at home.  She wanted to be in the garden too I think. So, that’s what’s been going on here and why I’ve been fairly quiet. Honestly, that’s why I probably won’t have tons of posts coming up either.

But, I’m still working on a few new projects that will be worth sharing.  For starters, like many babies, she doesn’t tolerate cow milk in my milk.  I am dairy-free again, just like I was with my son when he was a baby.  I’ve noticed that the grocery landscape has changed a lot in the last few years.  There are many more dairy-free and gluten-free options.  Plus, almond milk is now in every store, and even combined with coconut milk 🙂  The store down the street has been running a deal on almonds.  I’ve been buying them by the pound and have successfully made almond butter, almond milk, and this week I plan on trying my hand at almond yogurt.  I think those will be their own post too.

Unlike the last time I was off of dairy, eating seems like a less work.  It helps that we have better tools this time, like the Allergy-Free Deserts cookbook.  We made the apple muffins this evening and they were delightful.  Now that I’ve cracked the code on a good flour blend, and have discovered the beauty of coconut oil, which I also didn’t have before, I feel like there’s nothing we can’t make.  We eat well.  I have no photos at this time; we’ve been eating all the evidence.  I hope to start blogging more, and flush out some of these stories and more.

Thanks for your patience, and I hope that all is well in your kitchen!

I even got my roses trellised.  Yay!


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