Violets and Amaranth

Eating weeds and gaining grains: an adventure in eating

Getting Organized

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It’s been a good long while since I’ve stopped by to blog.  It will likely be a while before I stop by again.  I’m getting organized.  I’m working on getting my recipes into a database.  Yes, I’m that geeky.  But, I just can’t keep what gluten-free combos work straight anymore.  I’m excited for the software.

The garden is winding down too.  We had a lot of last-minute projects as we tried to beat the end of the season.  I now have a newly seeded back yard (all in grass I’m afraid).  A cheeky woodchuck ate all the violets and left only creeping Charlie.  So, the great no-mow lawn experiment will have to wait another year.  Better to have grass than creeping Charlie!  I also have a new moss patio and a new veggie garden, along with proper grading around the house.  It was the wettest year in history in Cleveland, and by the end of the season, my basement only gets a trickle of water when we get 2 or more inches of rain in a day 😉  We got a new front porch too;  what a busy summer!

I had a few cooking adventures this summer.  Maybe they’ll get in here sooner than later.  We’ll see.  Look for some changes.  As I get organized, I’m looking for a new theme for the blog and better menus.  We’ll see.  Hopefully as I settle in for winter I can write more.  Maybe this will be a Winter/Spring only blog in the future?

I hope fall is treating you well.  Enjoy the sun while we have it!



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