Violets and Amaranth

Eating weeds and gaining grains: an adventure in eating

Where do you garden?

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Hi All.  I’ve been on a break from blogging while I tend to my little garden and other summer adventures.  I probably won’t blog regularly again until September, but when I’m back, here’s just a few things I’ll be ready to talk about:

  • The many uses for sorrel and purslane- I have quite a crop of them both this year!
  • That post about other easy birthday cakes, and I’ll add in a post about an amazing fruit tart I’ve found
  • My continuing adventures to develop a great egg-free, gluten-free bread.  I’m experimenting more with amaranth and its going well.
  • Canning my new preserving adventure.
  • (and for those who have asked, no, I didn’t have time to make the solar oven this year; it will have to wait for summer 2012)

So in the mean time, get out there and encourage a few edible weeds, join a CSA, start eating seasonally, or just get to know a farmer on a first-name basis.

Where are you having your gardening adventures this year? Let us all know, and may you all be having a great summer!




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