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Making Gluten-Free Easy for Everyone

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In this day and age, it seems like more products are labeled as gluten-free, and more companies sell gluten-free pre-made items in the stores. My local grocery chain even hosted a gluten-free week a few weeks ago. They gave out a long list of every gluten-free product they carried, and offered to give tours to help customers find all the products. This store has gluten-free items both mixed into aisles and a separate gluten-free and natural foods section, which helps make gluten-free feel more normal when its mixed right in with everything else.

Recently, the ladies at my church hosted a baby shower for a gluten-free friend. Some asked me where they could go to buy pre-made gluten-free baked goods, which actually stumped me. Being egg-free as well, it is really hard to find pre-made anything. The upshot for us is our gluten-free food has a lot less cholesterol :-). Their questions prompted me to look around and here’s a sample of what I found:

Gluten-free in Cleveland: I used this site to find gluten-free bakeries. None of the bakeries out there were quite what my friends were asking for, but how great to find a few. I also found out that shops in Little Italy sell affordable gluten-free pasta that should be very good. Field Trip! (Note: I don’t think that blog has posted anything new in a while, but the resources up there seem current and great!)

Gluten-Free registry: I didn’t realize how many chain restaurants offer gluten-free. We’ve been doing a lot of bun-less hamburgers with no seasoning. If the GF on these menus are also egg, poultry, and citrus-free, our dining options just got bigger.

And as a Toledo-area native I could not help but notice there is a gluten-free bakery in the area. Again, unless they are also adept at egg-free baking, it won’t actually help us much, but for the rest of you, go and enjoy!: Organic Bliss Market

So what ended up happening? Reading through all the blog posts and baker descriptions reminded me that Whole Foods has a bakery and can do gluten-free. In NE Ohio, there is also Mustard Seed Market, which was too far from the friends who were asking for suggestions, but I’ve heard they are great!

Also in attendance at the party was a great batch of cupcakes, which were Bob’s Redmill. My friend who made the cupcakes found better luck with the white cake rather than the chocolate. For some reason the chocolate came out tasting like over-roasted coffee, which is strange because Bob’s brownie mix is spot on, so I know they can do chocolate well.   I also am sure it was not how they baked the cakes.  Everything else came out perfect from their kitchen!

A Cupcake Baked by a Friend

Happy Baking!


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