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Soy-free Asian? It’s possible, and delicious


Not every post I make will be about baked goods.  Honest.  For example, this week it’s all about savory.  That key to Asian cooking, the savory and umame filled soy sauce.  How does one cook Asian food without soy?  Well, we’ve made a game of it, and no recipe enters this house and comes out the same in the end.  Anymore, recipes are really just guides and templates for whatever we’re making, which is a nice place to be.  We’ve finally learned to cook enough that we don’t need recipes.

If you search for soy-free soy sauce, you will find a host of ideas that play with the same ingredients; beef broth, cider vinegar, maybe some molasses, some recommend ginger.  We’ve found playing with all of those flavors, then reducing them makes for a great stir fry sauce, but what if you want a 1/4 cup of soy sauce for a recipe.  It’s a lot of work to reduce all those other things for one little 1/4 cup.

Our solution for small amounts of soy-sauce in recipes is to use Worcestershire sauce with several drops of fish sauce.  So far the only soy-free, gluten-free Worcestershire sauce I’ve found is Lea and Perrins brand, but only their reduced sodium, the rest have soy in them.  Our favorite kind of fish sauce is Three Crabs, and we usually have to go to an Asian market to get it.  If you’ve never used fish sauce before, don’t be alarmed when you smell it – it smells awful.  But, you don’t really taste it if you use is in small quantities.  It blends nicely with whatever you’re making and gives it that depth of flavor that umame-filled foods tend to have.

Next stop on our Asian food adventure creating a great hoisin sauce replacement.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Updated 4/4 to fix typos.


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